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Life, as we know it, is not always easy.  There are times when we just cannot comprehend the why's, how's, what if's or when's of every day struggles.  Grief is often "hushed" and not a subject that is easily spoken of for many reasons.  Loosing a loved one is difficult; loosing a child is unbearable at times it seems.  Through my own insecurities, questions and challenges following the death of our oldest daughter, I found myself, at times, wrapped into a hopeless situation as I saw it.  I felt the more I cried out to God the farther He was from me.  I felt family and friends didn't care to understand my pain or even give me time to share my pain with them.  In my thinking, as long as I appeared fine then all was well to them.  After years of isolating myself and drowning myself in this pain that we know as grief, I realized there had to be a better way.  As a Christian, a minister of the Gospel, I had heard all the scriptures read, sang all the songs, and listened to all the devotions but deep within me that just wasn't enough.  Then one day, "Finally", my heart cried out, I found JOY in my situation on this journey we call life.  My prayer is that through this ministry God has entrusted us with, that lives will be forever changed into the love, hope, peace and joy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

With Much Love,
Elizabeth Stewart

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New Doors Have Opened 

As many of you know, Hannah attended a mission trip with Campbell University back in December. The trip was to Atlanta, GA to the House of Cherith/City of Refuge. This organization together is working to combat human trafficking in the state of Georgia, but also wanting to end the industry in its entirety. House of Cherith houses, clothes and feeds women who are wanting to make the life changing decision to get off of the streets. Through the love of the faculty and staff, and most importantly the love…

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Hats For Hope Collection Deadline

UNC Chapel Hill Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

We will be collecting NEW hat, scarves, pillowcases, lap blankets and socks until October 31, 2020. We are in the process of collecting at least 5 items from every state in the US. If you have family members and/or friends who live in other states please ask them to become involved in this year's hat drive. For more information on this event please go to our facebook page Hats For Hope the Annual Charli' Ramsey Hat Drive. You may also email us at jfmjministries@gmail.com for additional information. May God richly bless each of you for giving to this ministry.